3 May, 2018 12:37 pm Published by Maria Cessar

While the island of Malta may be small, it is action packed with incredible experiences. Plus, with such short distances to cover, getting around couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to visit the oldest prehistoric underground temple in the world or prefer to sample the local delicacies, Malta is the perfect place for your 2018 weekend getaway.

Here are the absolute must do’s in Malta:

Wander around the 2018 European Capital of Culture

Valletta is not only the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed capital of Malta. This year it was also named the European Capital of Culture for 2018. So, if you’re planning a weekend getaway there is simply no better time to visit. With cultural activities, entertainment and events planned throughout the year, you’ll be spoilt for choice with so much to see and do.

 In fact, a plethora of activities have been organized in and around the capital throughout the year, including; art exhibitions, street performance, dance, theatre and live music, all of which can be enjoyed while you’re strolling the beautiful streets of Valletta. You can see the full schedule at Valletta 2018’s website.

credit: pixabay

Don’t forget about Malta’s other cities!

The silent city of Mdina’s history goes back more than 4,000 years. This ancient walled city had a present-day population of around 300 and its narrow, gas-lamp lit streets are home to unique restaurants and traditional shops.

credit: pixabay

Hit the beach

If a lazy, sunny beach weekend is what you’re after, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Malta. Blessed with some of Europe’s most beautiful coastline, ranging from sandy, golden bays to pebble beaches and towering cliffs, Malta has it all when it comes to relaxing on the shore. In fact, Malta has a stellar 12 blue flag beaches in total. Spend your morning hiking along a seaside cliff trail, then enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the many bustling beach bars, then rest away the afternoon on a secluded bay with nothing but the gentle crashing of waves to keep you company. If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel by the beach your experience in Malta would enchanted by booking a room in https://malta.intercontinental.com/.

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Eat your way around town

The Mediterranean diet is known for its wide variety of fresh and healthy foods, and the Maltese food culture is no different. For the foodie traveler, Malta offers a range of different culinary treats including seasonal fruits, organic vegetables, pastas and meat dishes.

Eat like a local and try pastizzi, a traditional pastry snack or step out of your comfort zone and sample rizzi (sea urchin) or bebbux (snails).

Pro tip: Do not miss the local honey which is famous for its distinctive flavour.

For a truly fresh Maltese experience, you won’t want to miss the Sunday Fish Market at Marsaxlokk. Here, Sundays are dedicated to the local seafood market. Admire the incredible work carried out by local fishermen and get lost in the seemingly endless varieties of freshly caught fish.

When you’re finished exploring the market, take that hunger to one of the many local eateries nearby and sample the freshly cooked seafood, cooked in the traditional Maltese style of course.

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Absorb 7000 years of proud culture

Malta is a country so rich in history that you can visit a 16th century city that experienced on of the most horrific sieges in history then move on and see prehistoric temples that are even older than Egypt’s pyramids. And at only 27km’s in length, you can cover Malta in a culturally rich weekend. Whether it’s cultural events, sunny beaches or a food-lovers paradise that you seek, Malta has it all.